Torsten Christensen Photography
Rapha - Fredrik Clement

Recently I had the chance to work assisting sports/advertising photographer Fredrik Clement. Taking pictures alongside him is quite a humbling experience. You have to be able to visualize shots before doing them, and this is something he really masters. His ideas about what will make great pictures are really inspiring. You can see his website here:

We spent a sunny saturday in late may with Rapha. For the ultimate in hipness and bicycling fashion look no further. This brand has got it down! We followed the riders on a 90 K route through the northern Sealand. 

They were not professinals, and that is not neccessarily what the company is about. They are passionate about cycling and the idea of keeping it hip and fashionable while at the same time honoring the legends and traditions of the sport.

I really like the way Rapha tell stories; The videos on their website are great, they really care about the style they convey with their photos and the whole thing just oozes class. It truly is a company that other sportsbrands could learn alot from. You can see the official story from the shoot by clicking here

Hill Running

So I got up early this morning as I managed to convince myself that going running with my friends just after sunrise was a really bright idea!

My friends Rasmus and René are preparing for a Hill Run in France this summer. Today the workout consisted of 6 trips up and down “Himmelbjerget” A Danish imitation of a mountain. Believe me; it’s nothing compared to what you might see in France, but once you start running on it you will know that it does not take a long hill to give you a good workout. As long as the ascent is steep enough, reaching the point where it feels as if you heart is gonna leave your body through the chest, is not that far away…

I had no prep time, so my location scouting consisted of running alongside them with my Camera equipment on my back. It was HELL! I managed to find some places to shoot and tried to make the best of it. There were no retakes, repeats etc. Just the two guys running their hearts out. 

After 6 trips up and down, they called it a day and we went home. They were DESTROYED!

We are going there next week again for more shots, so stay tuned and more pics will follow!


New pics from my latest session with a long time friend of mine, Kasper.

We wanted to feature his greatest passion; weightlifting. He has been at it for 15 years now and he’s as strong as anyone I’ve had the chance to meet. Being a busy father of two sons, the only available space for his private gym is in the family’s garage, which made for a great location. As we started shooting his sons interest was caught and they started finding their way into the photos.

Now, I don’t know how you would feel if you were watching your father doing 140 kilo squats, but in my eyes that would have made my dad look like superman. We had a great time shooting and he was such a cool guy to work with. Constantly humble and helpful. When I asked him to do yet another set of repetitions there was no complaining event hough his veins looked like they were about to pop out of his arms! Hope you enjoy!